About Executive Travel Consultants

In business since 1984, Executive Travel Consultants brings extensive experience at managing the complexities of travel planning and management. With more than 14 employees, we are one of the largest independent travel agencies in the greater Seattle area and have the ability and resources to invest in sophisticated technologies in order to serve major company accounts. At the same time we remain small enough to know you personally and provide personalized and flexible services tailored to your specific preferences.

What Sets Us Apart

Our success stems from adhering to a very basic principle: We think like you do. We make sure we understand your unique needs and wants so that we arrange travel from a detail-driven, commonsense-based manner that is backed up by a sophisticated understanding of the travel industry along with effective use of leading-edge technology.

Moreover, Executive Travel Consultants' professional confidence, pride in work and employee spirit has helped our firm earn a well-deserved Bessie award. This award is given annually by Washington CEO magazine to the top three companies in each of four categories—large, medium, small and not-for-profit—that were nominated by peers or employees. The list of contenders is compiled by the Washington CEO staff based on the results from a panel of three judges who analyzed the information gathered from confidential employees surveys. The surveys were designed and conducted via the Internet by Bellevue-based Knowledge Anywhere.

Three Factors Distinguish Us From Other Travel Agencies

First, we apply technology as an important tool rather than being subservient to it or having technology attempt to automate all travel planning and management processes. We carefully evaluate and implement new technologies with an in-depth understanding of where people should be involved in the process so that you will find our use of technology to be seamless and helpful. More than likely, you won't even know about our extensive investments in using advanced technology. Rather, you'll just know the robust and rapid service we provide you.

Second, we focus on attentive service. We do not operate like a large reservation center. We don't pursue huge volumes of reservation traffic to our company. Rather, we win by providing you in-depth, personalized and flexible travel services.

Third, we have gained a major reputation for being able to do the seemingly impossible-finding you low-cost travel to keep your travel expenses on budget-or even beat the budget-while pleasing even your most demanding business travelers.

Our Challenge To You

Please explore our website, or call us at 425.453.8200 or 800.786.7892, or email us to learn more about us and try us out. We think you'll be pleased by our different approach to travel management. To read some feedback we've received, click here.

With Executive Travel Consultants, you'll discover service that defies what you might expect from a travel agency. After all, we think like you do.