Booking Instructions

Online Reservations

Without question, millions of travelers are turning to the Internet to shop around for the best travel value when booking air, car and hotel reservations. But when questions arise with on-line bookings, travelers don't have a way to seek out an agency's assistance. But not anymore! With Executive Travels new online booking products (Deem (formerly Rearden) and Concur), we offer our clients the convenience of the Internet backed by our PERSONAL service. One-stop shopping and management reporting is also still available for our corporate clients. If you have questions, our knowledgeable staff is just a phone call away.

What is Online Booking?

Our state of the art on-line booking tools (Deem (formerly Rearden)and Concur) allow you to view or book real time air, car and hotel information 24 hours a day. They represent 680 airlines, 27 car rental companies and over 59,000 hotel properties. Additional travel planning tools available on the sites are:

  • Trip Templates — book repeat trips quickly and easily.
  • Travel Coordinator — designate other people to plan and purchase trips.
  • My Trips — access all future itineraries, plans or confirmation numbers in one location.
  • Profile Manager — store all your travel related numbers and preferences in one location.
  • 24/7 Access
  • Hotel Mapping — book hotels in unfamiliar cities closest to your destination.
  • Preferred Connecting Points — select specific connecting cities for personalized travel.
  • Updated Company Travel Information
  • E-mail Itineraries
  • Travel Policy Adherence - booked travel will comply with company's travel policy.
  • Calendar Sync
  • Mobile App

Bookings made using our on-line booking tool will be subject to a reduced service fee. There is never a charge to look at options, only to book.

Steps for Getting Started

  1. For Deem (formerly Rearden) or Concur: Contact your travel account manager and request a new user activation email. That email will walk you through your online booking account setup.