Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What rights do I have if my flight is delayed or cancelled?
A – When you purchase a ticket from an airline you enter into an agreement with them called the Contract of Carriage, or Rule 240 that spells out your rights. More details and links to several airlines’ Contract of Carriage policies can be found here.

Q – Do you offer an online booking tool.
A – Yes, we offer online booking tools, Traversa and Rearden. To learn more, Please visit our online booking.

Q - When I book a reservation via ETC’s online booking tool, how do I make a change to the reservation?
A – If you are changing/adding a hotel and/or a car reservation, you can change it online or directly with an ETC Consultant…your choice. When changing your airline reservation, in order to save you money, ETC recommends that you call/email one of our full-service Travel Consultants 800.786.7892.

Q – How many years has ETC been in business?
A – Over 27 years.

Q – How many employees does ETC have?
A – 14, Learn more about ETC's staff.

Q – Does ETC offer a Corporate Newsletter?
A – ETC’s corporate newsletter is called, “What’s New.” You can view our “What’s New” newsletter here. If you would like to receive an email notification when the “What’s New” is updated, please email us your request.

Q – How do I start receiving email notification of ETC’s Vacation Specials?
A – Our Seasonal Vacation Specials are located here. If you would like to receive an email notification when the “Seasonal Specials” are updated, please email your request.

Q – How do I get travel assistance if I have problems with my reservation while traveling abroad?
A – Call Executive Travel Consultants (425) 453-8200 or 1-800-786-7892. If you reach our office outside of our normal business hours, you will be prompted to press "3" to be automatically transferred to our after-hours services at 1-866-382-4584. Or, our after-hours emergency 800 number for each individual country is printed on the bottom of every ETC international itinerary.

Q – What sort of Travel Management Reports does ETC offer and where can I go to view sample reports?
A – ETC offers an array of Travel Management Reporting. To view a sampling of what we offer, go to our Reports page.