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Hi Tina!

We got home last night and I want to thank you so much for your help with our vacation. It was spectacular. The Monteleone was fabulous and a great location. We loved New Orleans and I would recommend this hotel to anyone. You really hit it out of the ball park for us. Nassau was a blast. We were really glad we were there for the first week of spring break. The college kids all arrived Saturday afternoon and it was like ants taking over but we thoroughly enjoyed the Melia. It's really nice and we compared with other all-inclusive hotels. I would go back for sure. They had water sports available (kayaks, snorkeling equipment, paddle boards, etc) as part of the package. We went on a snorkel tour ourselves and it was worth it. The food was mediocre but that's because we just left the best food in the country! It was so much fun, relaxing and the way to go. We loved it.

The flights were perfect also. You rock on organization and coordinating these aspects too. I can't thank you enough and the best recommendation is for us to keep telling people how great you are and your services. I will let you know when we plan our next vacation- either Italy next year or just a quick get away for Jeff and I to London and Paris!

Letter of Recommendation

Arne R. Berger — Sparling CFO/COO
May 28, 2015
It is my pleasure to recommend Executive Travel Consultants, Ltd. as a corporate travel agency partner. For 15 years our firm worked with Angie Darby, President, and her quality team of dedicated travel consultants for all of our corporate travel needs.

Executive Travel Consultants always provided us with excellent client service, comprehensive travel reporting, accesss to an online interface, and highly professional travel agents who delivered nothing short of the gold standard in client service. I would highly recommend Executive Travel Consultants to any organization in search of a premier corporate travel agency and business partner.

Thank You Tina!

Wow! What an amazing trip so far. We arrived in Florence today and the Hotel L'Orologio is amazing! Not sure if you know this or not, but I wanted to share. Sandro Fratini owns the hotel. Has a collection of over 3000 watches. I am watch freak so this is awesome! The actual floor we are staying on features a Rolex watch the I have and is my personal favorite l, so that makes this trip even more personal and amazing for me. This hotel is extremely discreet, so discreet that it is actually difficult to find off of the Piazza because it doesn't even have the correct address on the front or a sign. That alone makes this place a gem to stay. When we return to Florence and we will this is the only place we will stay. Having an amazing trip so far. Thanks so much.

Hello Rosalinda

I wanted to personally drop you a note to say Thank you for being an amazing travel consultant to work with over the past 10+ years! You have truly been a partner to me and have provided nothing but top level elite client service, and quite honestly have set a very high bar for others to meet in my opinion. I want you to know I will miss working with you greatly. In the event I am given the opportunity to make a recommendation to anyone within my network for a dynamic travel consultant and company, you and ETC Travel will be at the top of my list. Thank you again, and I hope that our paths cross again in the future.

On behalf of our team thank you

for taking care of us this year! We wouldn't dare travel without you. Keep my phone number on your speed dial if any new potential ETC clients need testimonials on our experience.

Nancy, you and your ETC team are incredible!

We owe you a good many thanks for all you have done for Nicolas' family and for keeping in touch w/Nicolas through this painful time. His family is back safely now. No other travel agency would handle this as personal as you did or go beyond the call of duty. You are the best. Again we can't thank you enough.

Thank you so much!

Mike Rudoff, Accounting Manager, OnRequest Images
ETC has been a fantastic partner for us over the years. If I EVER have need for a travel agency again (which I’m sure I will), you will be the first person I contact Thank you again!

Please meet Angie from ETC Travel

She's an amazing resource and I know you mentioned you need a good agency to help with your travel planning and arrangements. I hold her and the team at ETC in the highest regards. I thought you both could discuss the best solution for your business and personal travel needs.

I totally recommend ETC!

We have worked with ETC travel and the Deem website for many years. They have been extremely attentive to our needs and go out of their way to meet our needs, even when I think it’s out of their realm.

The website is easy to manage, and they have a phone app - once a trip is booked, the traveler can go on their phone and see their whole itinerary. My boss uses it all the time.

After Hours Customer

I meant to tell you that I used your emergency off-hours service this past Friday. My aversion to ever calling them in the past is based on horrible service I received from my former travel agent's emergency service. BUT, I was extremely impressed with the response I got when I called yours! A "live person" answered on the second ring, was very responsive and anxious to help and as an added bonus, she spoke perfect English!

We hope that this shows how people regard our travel management services.