Using Technology

We've taken a very simple approach to technology at Executive Travel Consultants. We use technology extensively and intensely. But we don't let technology drive us. Rather, we drive technology by applying it where it makes sense. And using people where people make sense. Sounds simple, but unfortunately, that balanced perspective is missing at most travel agencies, and you end up paying the price in frustration and lost productivity.

For all the advances made in online reservation system technologies, report generators and the like, none are quite perfect. All suffer from weaknesses and limitations, so we apply our human oversight to fill in the gaps. As we apply technology, we never forget the value of human oversight in mastering the complexities of travel planning and management.

Think about it. Ever tried to change a reservation made via an online travel service or airline website? Ever tire of waiting on hold to speak to an actual travel agent who can help you make changes when a flight is cancelled?

We have experienced those exact frustrations, so we use state-of-the-art technology, but we use it to support our personalized attention to your specific travel requirements rather than as a substitute.

At Executive Travel Consultants, we make sure technology is ubiquitous. What matters is that you get low-cost travel arrangements the way you want them along with readily available (or regularly delivered) reports tracking your travel expenditures however you want those expenses tracked.

Specific technologies employed by Executive Travel Consultants include:

For additional information about how we apply technology to operations and automation, click here. If you have any questions about our approach to technology or specific applications employed, please contact us at 425.453.8200 or 800.786.7892, or email us.