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Online Reservations

Without question, millions of travelers are turning to the Internet to shop around for the best travel value when booking air, car and hotel reservations. But when questions arise with on-line bookings, travelers don't have a way to seek out an agency's assistance. But not anymore! With Executive Travels new online booking products (Deem and Concur), we offer our clients the convenience of the Internet backed by our PERSONAL service. One-stop shopping and management reporting is also still available for our corporate clients. If you have questions, our knowledgeable staff is just a phone call away.

What is Online Booking?

Our state of the art on-line booking tools (Deem and Concur) allow you to view or book real time air, car and hotel information 24 hours a day. They represent 680 airlines, 27 car rental companies and over 59,000 hotel properties. Additional travel planning tools available on the sites are:

  • Trip Templates — book repeat trips quickly and easily.
  • Travel Coordinator — designate other people to plan and purchase trips.
  • My Trips — access all future itineraries, plans or confirmation numbers in one location.
  • Profile Manager — store all your travel related numbers and preferences in one location.
  • 24/7 Access
  • Hotel Mapping — book hotels in unfamiliar cities closest to your destination.
  • Preferred Connecting Points — select specific connecting cities for personalized travel.
  • Updated Company Travel Information
  • E-mail Itineraries
  • Travel Policy Adherence - booked travel will comply with company's travel policy.
  • Calendar Sync
  • Mobile App

Bookings made using our on-line booking tool will be subject to a reduced service fee. There is never a charge to look at options, only to book.

Steps for Getting Started
  1. For Deem or Concur: Contact your travel account manager and request a new user activation email. That email will walk you through your online booking account setup.
  2. Once you have your Concur log in, please review the Concur Booking Guide to learn how to create reservations through Concur.
Why Us?

For a deceptively simple reason: we think like you do when applying our expertise in travel planning and management. The result? Your company wins with resourceful uncovering of low fares and rates while simultaneously enjoying top-notch personalized service.

And you become a hero. To your managers. And to your traveling colleagues.

Executive Travel Consultants approaches travel planning differently than other travel agents by beginning with a special recognition of the role you play in your company. We are well aware that, as a travel manager, you face tough and often contradictory competing demands. On one hand, you are charged with finding ways to minimize your company's travel budget, but you also are expected to appease the demands of your corporate travelers.

By understanding the challenges you face, we've applied our more than 25 years of experience as a travel agency to create a unique set of services focused on making you a hero.

To make you a hero to your CFO, we use a carefully selected combination of top-notch technology tools to uncover low fares and rates, and follow-up the travel planning activities with reports and counsel on the best way to reduce your marketing expenditures even further. Consider this: while the industry average domestic airfare is $460, our average booking is $401 (or the industry average international airfare of $2,153 compared to our average booking of $1,881).

To make you a hero to your corporate travelers, we provide a degree of customer service we encourage you to compare against any other travel agency. Think of us as the Nordstrom of lore. When one of your travelers needs to change plans half way through a business trip, she won't have to endure a mind-numbing phone tree of options and on-hold waits. Instead, your traveler will reach a human being immediately familiar with her itinerary and individual preferences. And she can reach us any time, day or night.

For travelers wanting to book their own arrangements, we offer an online reservation service, but we go one step further by then reviewing those online bookings to make sure that the traveler is, indeed, traveling at the lowest fare and headed to the intended place-say Portland, Oregon, instead of Portland, Maine. Our intent is to provide the kind of quality, personalized service that enables your corporate travelers to focus their time on their business duties rather than wasting unproductive time surfing from website to website in pursuit of a lower airfare.

Ultimately, we make you a hero by thinking about travel like you do, and then applying expertise gained from 25+ years as a travel agency employing top-notch technology and savvy, customer-centric travel professionals. The result? Overcoming your workplace dilemma of finding low-cost travel to keep your expense line in line-or even lower it-while pleasing even your most demanding corporate travelers.

Arranging Travel

While we have special expertise in uncovering low-cost business travel options, we also have extensive experience arranging executive-level travel. We work with airlines, hotels, car services and others to make sure that your executives travel exactly like they want to travel. In fact, we work to surpass their expectations with our exceptional attention to detail, e.g. to make sure flights are upgraded, a hotel stocks a favorite type of bottled water, or a favorite driver is assigned.

Travel Planning

Our travel planning services offer a one-stop source for finding and booking complete travel arrangements-from air travel to hotels and ground transportation-and then deliver tickets directly to your company. Your travelers can call us or use our online travel request form (accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). We research and make reservations on major and non-major carriers (such as Southwest Airlines, JetBlue and SunCountry, which many travel agencies refuse to book). And if a traveler wants to make online reservations, we offer an online reservation service you can use day or night that we then review for lowest fares and corporate travel policy compliance. In addition, we help you manage your travelers' frequent flier programs and assist travelers with international travel matters such as passports and visas. For executives traveling business and first-class, we also bring extensive experience in providing highly attentive travel arrangements that make sure no detail is missed. And when your travelers' travel plans change, we're available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Account Management

You (and those within your company that you designate as having access) will have access to, or have regularly delivered, a variety of useful free reports to track travel expenditures. We also can customize reports to meet your company's particular needs and even help consult on the development of travel policies based on your goals and experiences, plus negotiate rates for high-volume accounts.

Travel Reporting

Here are some examples of reports that we can provide you with to keep track of your travel and travel expenses. Please click here to view a comprehensive list.

Conference & Meeting Planning

In addition to arranging individual travel for your corporate travelers, ETC offers extensive expertise in arranging group meetings and conferences for your staff or customers. Like our traditional travel services, you will find that we focus on making sure you secure the best prices while still offering attentive service to make sure the conference or meeting occurs exactly as you envisioned it.

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